Why Recovery Centers Need Room Dividers  

Rehab facilities continue doing tremendous jobs of helping recovering addicts. However, the number of addicts keeps increasing. Currently, it’s estimated that 21 million Americans struggle with substance abuse. That is more than people dealing with cancer. There is a need for rehab centers to adopt innovative ways to reach out to the large number and also create enough space for them. Continue reading to find out why room dividers have come on time.

Protect patient information

HIPAA legislative that safeguards patient information binds most healthcare facilities in the United States. Rehab clinics are no exception. In fact, they provide additional confidentiality agreement for review and acceptance before using their services. HIPAA protects information in the paper, electronic and even those provided orally. Among other factors, rehab centers can use room dividers to safeguard patient information.

Addicts undergoing recovery treatment need protection from the moment they step into the facility and even after recovery. During these sessions, patients receive confidential meetings with one or more therapists to help them recover.

A breach of privacy can have dire consequences. Patients may feel ashamed making it difficult to recover. Most of those recovering addicts return to substance abuse to deal with shame. That alone makes it imperative for rehab centers to ensure confidentiality is not breached. Whether in a residential setting or a facility that condition cuts across.

Adaptable configurations

Portable room dividers make it possible to change settings and adapt to different occasions. In a rehab facility, anywhere can be turned into a room for sessions. Wheeling partitions can quickly convert restaurants and dining areas. Sometimes it takes changing environments to make significant changes in someone’s mind.

Space utilization

Let’s face it. The number of rehab centers available in the united states is not enough to help addicts recover. While much of this has been attributed to an inability to reach out to them and convince them that rehab is good, what would happen if all of them choose rehab? Do we have enough space? Well, if you are running one, you may consider having room partitions ready for such a huge intake.

You can practically create multiple rooms within one room. Moreover, they can be folded and stored in one place when not in use.

Flexible applications

Apart from creating room for patients, dividers can also be used for various purposes. They can be used in sporting facilities, entertainment, classrooms and religious centers. Most rehab centers tend to offer all that within their facility.

Saves Time and Money

Permanent partition systems are costly. Room dividers are cheap, adaptable and even portable. That saves you time waiting for a permanent structure to be completed. That time is channeled to helping patients recover.

Since you don’t have to wait for professionals to set it up, the entire process is less expensive. Most of them come assembled. All you need to do is unbox and position them then start using the rooms created.

Are you looking for a rehab facility for your loved one? Blue Crest Recovery center uses glass room dividers to protect patient confidentiality and to have enough room. If you have a loved one struggling with substance abuse. Give us a call today.