Tips on Cleaning and Things to Know about Portland House Cleaning

Almost anyone with a cat or dog living with them knows how hair from the pet can get on everything. But, here is a tip – rubber gloves attract pet hair almost like a magnet. Almost anyone who does house cleaning for a living knows some of these little tips.

Good reputation

Portland has the reputation for caring about the environment and health and Portland House Cleaning uses only products that are eco-friendly and non-toxic. They also hire the best people to be on their house cleaning teams. Portland House Cleaning uses a major product that is non-GMO and non-toxic and is also free from all perfumes and dyes. They also have a great attention to detail, and your home will really sparkle without any chemical smell left behind.

Important to know

Here are somethings that you need to know about Portland House Cleaning and they include:

  • All employees must take a demanding one-on-one process of training making them the best.
  • The value of their services is only as good and qualified as their employees are.
  • All employees are screened carefully, with background checked prior to using them in any home.

This shows that they care about their work product as well as safety for their clients.Not many companies feel this way. You can’t ask for anything more than this from a good cleaning company. They all work hard to bring safety to their cleaning. Also, important is that all cleaners are bonded, as well as insured and backgrounds are checked. It is important to have this from people that are going to be in your home.

Great philosophy

This company has a great philosophy – and that is cleaning does not need harsh chemicals. There are safe, non-toxic alternatives that do an excellent job.

Cleaning tip

Another tip on cleaning is not to use a feather duster because they are not very efficient. They just push around debris and dirt rather than picking it up. But, have you ever used a coffee filters – they are great inexpensive alternatives to a feather duster. By working the thin fibrous paper in movements that are circular, you can pick up any lingering dust.