Things to Know about Neufenster

If you are still about to have your new home rise, you should get connected with Neufenster. Yes, this is a company that offers different services that is just what everyone who will soon become a homeowner needs. They specialize in creating the most innovative windows and doors.

Their products are:

  • Overview tilt and turn windows
  • Different designs of tilt and turn windows
  • I-tec innovations
  • Entrance doors (Aluminium and timber)
  • Lift and slide doors
  • European interior doors
  • All aluminium interior windows and doors

They aim to bring you the best of the Internorm windows as they find this brand just something every homeowner should be equipped with. This brand has all the solutions you probably need when it comes to your doors and windows. You can check out the different designs on their website.  

Neufenster has been here for more than 2 decades now and they have been connected with Internorm for a long time already. Thus when it comes to the window and door industry, you can easily conclude that they are one of the pillars.

Here are some important things about their products:

The Internorm products are 100% manufactured in Austria. You can say that they are the leader in this industry in all of Europe.

This company has been for a long time already like about 85 years now. When a company is this long already, you can just expect that it is doing a good job. This means that its products are with high-quality or else, no customers will stay for long and it can hardly stay afloat.

Every day, this company ships about 5500 products. They usually manufacture their products within 6 to 10 days. Your shipping schedule will be confirmed within 10 days after you place your order to them.

They offer installation as well as technical assistance in some of the states already. To learn more about this, you should give them a call or check out their website. Who knows if you happen to in one of those states they cater. After all, it is important that your windows or doors will be installed by a pro.

Erecting your home will cost you not only a lot of money but also a lot of efforts. It will be the home of your future kids thus you surely want to make sure it is nothing but the one you always dream of. Neufenster can surely help you with that.