Things to Check for a Good Moving Company

Here are some special things to look for in a moving company. And Kingdom removals have all of these.

Years in business

Experience is important, and a good record shows a company ability to deliver what they need to make them special.


If a moving company is moving you from one state to another, they need to have United States DOT number, which is a license number that is issued by the US Dept of Transportation. If you are moving within the same state, look also for a state license.


You need to verify if they have insurance. You should never use a moving company that doesn’t have a license number of insurance. Some folks will call themselves a moving company just to make some extra money. It is not good to hire a group that has no license or insurance. You should check to see if your personal items are covered with your own homeowners or renter’s policy.

Letters of recommendation

See if they have any awards for service and good reviews from customers.

Reviews online

Check the company’s rating with the Better Business Bureau or BBB. Also check social media sites such as City Search, Yelp, Trust Link will also give you information about other people’s experiences.

What rates include?

Low rates do not mean a low final bill. You need to study their rates! They can be some rates that you don’t get on the quote page. Remember this – ‘great Reputation equals Great Rates’.

Special policies on consolidation

If you are moving out of state, ask the company to clarify policies in detail. Consolidation is when your items are united with other family’s and shipped together. There can be problems when the delivery schedule is full of multiple stops for other people.

These are just a few of the items you should be checking before hiring any company.