The Bee’s Playground: 8 Australian Plants

Without bees, the world would be significantly less lively when it comes to global vegetation. They are responsible for the pollination of approximately 35% of America’s crops, for example.

While the crops would still grow without the presence of bees, their yields would be much smaller. That being the case, those who enjoy gardening in their spare time should do what they can to make their home gardens more bee-friendly.

This is a sort of trickle-down method for pollination where, because bees have more places to make their hives and thrive, they will inherently want to spread their work over a larger portion of land. The more land they cover, the more commercial crops will be affected.

In a new infographic created by Budget Direct, the author covers eighteen plants that create a bee-friendly habitat. This list of plants has its roots sprouting from literally all over the world, so what is so special about the listed Australian greenery? Why do these ones get their own list?

That is because these sprouts just happen to be very resilient as well as low-maintenance in the plant husbandry scene. Their special care is reduced to watering slightly more during the dry or hot season or planting a little farther away from a wall. This quality makes them a nearly perfect fit for those gardeners that are just joining the hobby, easing them into the care and timing needed to earn that green thumb.