Simple Guide to Learn the Right Way of Using a Cordless Drill

A cordless drill is very important equipment that varies in price and features. It is built with useful features to offer a wide range of functionality to its users. First and foremost, use of this device is to make a hole in the wall. This can be done for a variety of functions. To get the best results from it, one should learn the right way to use it.

What are the uses of the cordless drill?

Cordless drill tool is used at all those places when you want to make a drill on the wall. This would happen when you need to install shelves, valances, drapery rods, and anything that requires a hole drilled or a screw driver tool.

Move the drill in the right direction

When you use a cordless drill to drill any material, it is very important that you move the drill on the right side. In other words, a drill should turn it in the clockwise direction.

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Hold it in the right way

Another important thing that you need to note is that you need to hold the drill properly. Drills can be held in any of the hands. Your hand should be in such a position that it wraps around the handle completely. Your forefinger should squeeze the trigger.

You can select either forward or reverse function by pushing the “selector switch” with your finger or thumb. The switch when operated energizes the motor. It then works by turning the drill. You should ensure that you squeeze the drill gently.

Operating the chuck

You will get different types of chuck that look similar. A metal chuck can be easily opened and closed using a single hand. Other types of chucks need two hands where one of them helps in holding the back side of the chuck and the other helps in twisting the entire body of the chuck.

To open the chuck all you need to do is to turn its body in a clockwise direction. When you want to close it, you need to turn it in an anti-clockwise direction. To avoid any sort of damage while operating a chuck, you have to ensure that it is kept in a tight position. A loosely held chuck can cause damage to it.

What are the types of gears present on the drill?

The top portion of the drill has three different gears present on it. These three gears determine the speed of the operation of the drill.

  • The first type of gear gives the slowest speed. The interesting part of this gear is that it gives the highest level of torque. This gear is used to drive in large screws or to make large sized holes in metal.
  • This is the second type of gear that gives medium speed to the user. This gear comes in between the first and third gear. It gives medium speed and medium torque to the user.
  • This is the third and final gear that offers the highest speed to the user. If you want to drill a small sized hole in an object, then you should use this gear.

What is the right way to use a drill?

The torque or drill or hammer collar has to be used very often. The collar has to be turned in a way that the pointer points in the direction of the job. If you want to drill metal or wood, then the pointer has to be on the drill symbol.

To drill masonry, you should point it at the hammer symbol. The numbers written on the drill represent torque. The number at which you set the drill machine would stop it at that specified torque.Image result for Simple Guide to Learn the Right Way of Using a Cordless Drill

This is very much useful at the time of making holes in plasterboard sheets or wood. If you are not sure about which level you should set the torque, you can try changing the setting. With this trial and error approach, you would find the right torque setting appropriate to your task. If even after setting the drill machine at a specific level of torque, it does not stop, then you should let go of the trigger. Try moving the collar to a relatively lower number.


Due to its versatility, it is the first tool that one must purchase. It gives so much power to the user at their fingertips. To use any equipment in the best way, it is important to learn the right way to use it.