Rupert Mold Restoration

There are different things that can cause mold growth inside of your home. Some things that you may not have thought about include your child forgetting to turn the sink all the way off and water running down your cabinets, water not being cleaned up after you get out of the shower, warm areas without proper ventilation, etc. There are many ways that mold can be grown inside of a home.

The obvious thing that you would turn to when you see mold is a flood. While floods often cause mold growth, there are many other ways that mold can grow inside of your home and will need to be watched. This restoration company in Rupert Idaho  understands mold growth and the reasons that mold might become a problem inside of your home.

Why is there mold?

If you have found mold in a weird places inside of your home your first thought was probably along the lines of, ‘where did that come from!?’. Questioning how mold entered your home is one of the first thoughts that many people have when they notice mold inside of your home. While it may seem like a good idea to simply wipe the mold away and move on, it is highly suggested that do not try and remove mold on your own at home.

If you see the mold growth, there is probably a much greater amount of mold growth that you haven’t seen yet. Mold can be very dangerous for your health so you don’t want to mess around with it when you find it inside your home.

Restoration companies are trained to find the source of the mold when they are called into your home. They will be able to look in places that you likely wouldn’t have thought about before you called them and find and properly remove all of the mold that is inside of your home.

What causes mold to grow?

There are lots of reasons that mold may have grown inside of your home. Flooding is often an obvious sign that there may be mold inside of your home. If flood water is not cleaned up properly the wet places will start to grow mold and it will travel throughout your home. Another common occurrence of mold growth is warm places. Mold loves warm, moist places. Behind your washing machine is a big place for mold to start growing. If there are leaking in your machine that are constantly being heated by the machine, it is very likely that there is mold growing behind there as well. While we love our children, they are also a big cause of mold growth. When they start bathing and taking themselves to the bathroom they may leave behind more water than when you were helping them. If the water is not cleaned up it will start to grow mold inside of your bathroom right before your eyes.

Restoration companies are prepared to  help you remove mold completely from inside of your home. Mold growth is dangerous and you do not want to live in a place where there are mold spores in the air for you to breath.