Protecting Items From Moisture Damage While In Storage

If you intend on placing items in a facility that provides storage chelsea nyc in the near future, it is likely you will be concerned about the well-being of your personal belongings when you are unable to watch over them regularly. Moisture can be detrimental to items being stored, making it necessary to take precautionary steps to thwart damage from occurring. Here are some tips that will help to keep stored items dry.

Lift Items Up From Floor Level

It is a wise idea to lift items susceptible to moisture problems away from the floor. This will ensure items do not become victim to moisture should it make its way into a unit when someone opens a door to the storage area. Wood pallets can be placed on the floor of a storage unit to keep items away from cement or concrete slab floors. Alternately, shelving units can be positioned inside of a unit to keep items protected.

Make Sure The Facility Is Secure

Before agreeing to rent a storage unit, it is best to take a look at the exact space you will be using. Confirm with management that the space you evaluate will be allotted to you after you sign an agreement. Take a look at the interior for any crevices leading to the outdoors. If you are able to see the property through a crack, move on to another unit as moisture will definitely make its way into the enclosure when conditions outdoors are humid. Do a test to confirm that the door leading into the unit provides a tight seal. Pour a bit of bottled water along the door from the exterior while someone else watches the entryway for water seeping inside. If water does get into the space, ask for another storage unit to rent.

Add Some Protective Tools

It is wise to cover items that you feel are at risk for rusting or becoming rotted if humidity levels in your unit rise. Furniture covers work well at keeping dust and debris off of items, as well as providing a barrier against moisture. Clothing and paperwork can be stored in plastic storage bins to aid in keeping them dry. It is important to wipe down all items going into storage chelsea nyc before they are moved inside a unit. Small drops of moisture on items could lead to rising humidity levels inside an enclosed space. Adding a bowl or two of charcoal briquettes to a storage unit can also be beneficial in helping to keep humidity at bay. It is best to switch the briquettes with new ones each time you take a visit to the storage unit.