Pool Maintenance Tips That Will Help You Keep Your Pool Fresh and Clean All the Time!

What else can be more relaxing and fun other than having your own pool in your backyard? While it is far easier to dream about hosting the weekend parties and spending your afternoons just lounging around the poolside along with cultivating that perfect tan you always wanted, one of the most overlooked yet very important aspect here is maintenance!

Without proper maintenance, even the newest and latest of the pools may succumb to different problems including broken filters, green water, and so forth. The following are some of the best tips in terms of pool maintenance that will make you a responsible pool owner!

Think about the filters

Just like our kidneys are working continuously to remove any impurities from our body, the filters of pool too remove impurities from water including leaves, dirt, and also small toys. Most of the times, the pool can easily be cleaned just by turning the filter off, removing filter cap placed on pool deck, and removing the debris from the filter basket, before you replace everything. It is recommended to clean filter basket minimum once in a week. The best option here is to set the filter on timer and let it run for around 6 hours in a day.

Skimming and scrubbing

If you want to ensure a pristine pool, skimming must be done daily. Apart from skimming, you will even need to consider scrubbing sides of pool to avoid the build-up of algae. You can do it at least once for every other week. If you notice any growths, all you need is to take out your scrub brush and keep your siding look clean and fresh.

Power washing

The area surrounding the pool is just as important as physical structure itself. You can achieve shining pool deck by going for power washing. Power washing is sometimes even referred to as pressure washing. It will help to get rid of weather stains or any rust that may occur over time.

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