Order customised cabinets with a simple online platform

If you require a cabinet such as kitchen cabinet, vanity, drawer boxes, closet organizers, posts, etc. of the exact dimensions as per your requirement, then RTA Cabinets by CabinetApp are the ideal choices for you. CabinetApp is a user-friendly online platform which enables customers to order ready to install assembled cabinets without venturing out anywhere. The cabinets are customised in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

Main features

The RTA Cabinets by CabinetApp are fully customised in terms of depth, height and width. The customer simply needs to fill in the details of the cabinet required in the form of questions asked on the online platform. 1/8 of an inch increment is provided for the dimensions.

Design help is also provided for customers not being able to determine the correct dimensions for the cabinets. The customer needs to provide wall measurements, locations and required openings and type of cabinet required to CabinetApp. Using this information, technical drawings are made with the help of a computer. These include floor plans, 3D renderings and elevations. Suggestions are provided to the customer based on the drawings but the type of cabinet required and the dimensions have to be decided by the customer.

The assembled cabinet units are manufactured and delivered to the customers within a period of 21 days from taking the order. The cabinet units come ready to be installed easily.

Multiple orders can be placed at the online platform at the same time. This is very beneficial for contractors because it enables them to simultaneously work on different projects at the same time.


CabinetApp is very useful for contractors wanting good quality custom cabinets made according to their exact specifications. The only requirement is that the customer needs to have adequate understanding of dimensions, space, appliance openings and various nuances of installing cabinets. This is not a problem since the contractors are generally well versed in these things.

The units are manufactured using high-grade equipments with the precision and quality of industrial engineering. The designs and dimensions are all pre-determined which helps in making the best custom products.

The cabinets and other products are delivered to the addresses of the customers. Thus, there is no need to actually visit the factory to pick up the products. This is very convenient for the customers.

The order once placed can be easily modified or even cancelled within 48 hours. No changes can be made to the order after 48 hours.