Often It Is Not Necessary to Replace the Entire Door

When it comes to repairing a UPVC or aluminium faulty doors, you don’t have to always replace the entire door. WindowGeeks can save you £££ by merely adjusting or replacing the mechanism on locks, hinges, handles, panels or glazed units.

Common problems

There are many doors that have simple, common problems – they might seize up, drop, locks can stick, and handles can become loose. Many customers don’t understand that these little problems are able to be fixed quickly and without having to spend a lot of money on a full replacement. WindowGeeks do cheap door repairs Warrington.

Door repairs

Examples of door repair they are often called out for include

  • Replace broken hinges
  • Problems fixed with door alignment
  • Glazing failed double
  • Locks replaced on faulty doors
  • Replacement of damaged handle
  • Replacement of sticking locks
  • Repair of dropped door
  • Replacing worn or missing seals
  • Damaged door panels

Other repairs

They are also able to fit on the door a new letterbox or:

  • Change/upgrade your barrel locks
  • Fit locks that are extra
  • Add security chains
  • Cat flaps replaced
  • Leaks stopped
  • Front door replacement
  • Back door panels replaced
  • Damaged rubber seals replaced

New Interior handles

You might decide you want the door handles to match the colour of your new door? They are able to do this for you as well.

Cost-effective and guaranteed

With all the years of experience in the doors and window industry WindowGeeks offer their customers a cost-effective and guaranteed door repair service while avoiding the high cost of replacing doors. Since they specialise in and have years of experience in making door, window, and conservatory repairs, they don’t have the overheads that some companies might have, so often the repair is more cost effective.

Any type of doors

For both UPVC and aluminium doors they can repair:

  • Locks that are faulty
  • Worn or broken hinges
  • Fitted new door handles
  • Door panels replacement
  • Re-sealing work
  • Door lock upgrades and replacement
  • Key barrels replaced
  • Damaged and discoloured frames
  • Replacements of high-performance glass
  • New composite doors fitted
  • Free ‘health check’