Looking for a Crane Rental? Safety Features You Should Look for in a Rental Company

If you are looking for a crane rental, there are many factors you need to consider when selecting a company to rent from. One of those factors is the safety features that a rental company uses to keep your employees and building safe. Here are a few of the safety features that you should look for in a rental company as you look to rent a crane. 

Lift Planning Process

One of the safety features that you should look for when determining which company to get a crane rental from is a lift planning process. Companies who offer a lift planning process feature take the time to figure out the items you are planning on lifting with the crane and how to safely and efficiently lift those items. This may include determining which hoists and chains to use, what type of crane is best suited for the lift and how to ensure the crane is stabilized prior to lifting those items. 

Hiring Experienced Crane Operators

Another key safety feature that you should look at when you are determining which company to rent a crane from is how experienced their crane operators are. A rental company often hires crane operators to operate the cranes that they rent to you. Crane operators must go through proper training courses and certification courses to ensure they know what they are doing. Always ask a company how experienced their operators are and what certifications they hold to ensure you are getting a well-trained and experienced crane operator. 

Maintaining the Cranes

The last safety feature that you will want to pay close attention to when you are looking for a company to obtain a crane rental through is how well-maintained the cranes that they rent out are. Cranes that are properly maintained are safest to use and operate than cranes that have not been properly cared for and maintained. Always ask how they track the maintenance needs of cranes and how they ensure that cranes get the maintenance that they need before they rent the crane out to you. This will provide you with peace of mind that the crane you are rented is properly cared for. 

Deciding which company to rent a crane from is a big decision. There are many factors you need to consider, including availability and price. Safety features are also a huge factor to consider as you look to rent a crane. Paying close attention to all these factors will help you determine which rental company best fits your needs for a rental crane.