Latest Bathroom Renovation Trends

The bathroom is one of the main parts of the home that is used the most by the residents. Outdated bathrooms can be an eyesore in the setting and will detract from the appeal of the environment. If you want to transform the space and enjoy spending more time in it, there are a few significant renovation trends to consider.

Open Showers

Walk-in showers that don’t have any doors are a must-have when you want to create a modern setting that is easy to use. More people are building showers that can accommodate multiple people and feature two showerheads and a seating area. Open showers will prevent you from needing curtains or having to clean that installed glass after bathing. Bathtub or shower wet rooms are also an attractive option that has a high design aesthetic and looks innovative.

Three-Dimensional Tile

Boost the look of your bathroom with three-dimensional tile that offers plenty of interest and will look chic in the room. The tiles nod to the 1970s and will look more appealing than paint or standard wallpaper that is commonly used during the design process. Consider adding the tile on an accent wall if you have a larger room and more area to cover.

Double Vanities

Double vanities are convenient for couples who utilize the same space each day and want to keep their toiletries separate while getting ready at the same time. Double vanities offer more storage space and can include drawers that are added between the two sinks. Outlets can also be installed inside drawers and doors to plug in everything from hairdryers to electric shavers. The additional storage space will also prevent the countertops from becoming overly cluttered. 

Adding vessel sinks will also make a statement, which will work as the focal point of the space and will allow it to look high-end. Different types of stone or clear glass vessel sinks are ideal to use and will look contemporary when they are installed by a company like

Heated Tile Floors

Heated tile floors are one of the latest trends in the bathroom because they add a cozy touch to the space when your feet are cold during the fall and winter seasons. They also reduce your home’s energy usage and can be strategically placed near a bathtub or in front of the sink where you frequently stand.

Statement Furniture

Add extra character to the bathroom with statement furniture that is unconventional and will incorporate plenty of warmth. An antique vanity can be used for the sink, and a seating area can be created in the corner of the room with upholstered furniture and a coffee table that is used, that is if you have a big enough area of course.

Improving and updating the bathroom in your home will make it easier to get ready each day and create an aesthetically-pleasing environment. With the right updates made, you can improve the quality of the setting and allow it to reflect your personal style and taste.