Keyless Entry System An Added Safety

Safety is something that everyone values. It would be a top priority especially for people that have their own families. One can not be too safe enough in our modern days. With innovation and technology, we get to what we call keyless entry system.

What Is The Keyless entry system?

From the phrase itself, it can be at most self-explanatory.

Keyless entry is a regular standard feature in vehicles that have alarm systems installed.  Another keyless entry that is widely used is a keypad operating door handle. The keypad though is not tied up with an alarm system; the feature was merely for the sake of convenience.

Benefits of Keyless Entry.

Safety– In these days there is no such thing as too safe. Manually unlocking your car is risky especially at night and in unfamiliar locations. A few seconds or a few minutes can give a criminal that moment to approach you while you are distracted by that instance of manually opening your car.

Convenience– Going to the grocery, laundromat, and shopping means coming back with an armful of stuff purchased. Keyless systems take away that need of putting down your things just to open the car or pop the trunk. One can only click the key system in place that you have.

Finding one’s car–  Remember those moments when you find yourself in a vast parking lot or garage, and can’t remember where you parked your car. The keyless entry saves you that time of wandering around looking for your vehicle.

Keyless Entry System For Your Home And Vehicles

Gone are the days of hiding keys around your property or duplicating keys for your family members. Keypads now replace that action of one manually using a key to enter his or her premise. This enables you to enter your home anytime you don’t have to worry if you have your keys with you or not. The top keypad systems for your home are; Schlage Century, Schlage Camelot, and  Kwikset SmartCode 909.

A lot of vehicles already use this kind of technology with the use of what we call transponder keys, companies that do automotive locksmith Houston TX can help you in acquiring one. Transponder keys are programmed to start a specific car or automobile. It was in 1995, that transponder keys were created for vehicle use. The transmitter unit is made up of a very tiny microchip placed inside the plastic part of a key. The microchip is assigned a unique serial number which is set in its original programming. If you use a transponder with a car that doesn’t belong to you, it will not work because the serial number will not be recognized.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Transponder Keys

The technology behind programming keys to specific cars or automobiles has made many manufacturers, and insurance companies believe that that this transponder key is theft proof.  Just like a lot of technology lots of people find ways of bypassing such systems mostly thieves in this matter. Since insurance companies have this notion that it is theft -proof, it now causes problems for car owners in proving that a car is really stolen on those occasions.