International Moving Tips

Moving is a huge step – and international moving is even more so. You need to leave your family and friends behind, to start a new life in a brand new environment and to physically move there. It sounds overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be so stressful if well prepared. Here are some international moving tips for those who are about to start their new life overseas.

Moving to Paris? Some international moving tips would come in handy! 

  • Learn about your new location

This is something that should be done even before you made your decision to move. In today’s world that is so well-connected and where information is easily available, it’s a pity not to take advantage of it and end up in another part of the world totally unprepared and unaware of the local culture. To get more international moving tips and to learn moreabout the country you’re about to move to, read expat blogs and forums and join related Facebook groups. Talk to people as much as you can asthe first-hand experience is priceless. Avoid moving to your location and getting surprised when already there. If surprises are inevitable, let them happen while you’re still at home, so you have time to get used to it.

Another thing to check for is safety at your future location. Make sure you have the right information about it and you’re fine with it. Reconsider your decision to move if you need to, just be sure to stay safe. In order to do all of this, learn about your new location ahead of time, preferably as soon as the idea of moving pops up.

Finally, learn about the weather. While this is not such a big issue as safety is, it may be a factor in your decision-making process. If you live in Florida, consider if you’re going to be happy to move to Canada? And the other way around.

  • Search carefully for your new home

We could not discuss international moving tips without talking about searching for your new home. It’s quite likely that your company will provide you with accommodation when moving abroad. If you believe you have nothing to think about if that’s case, you’re so wrong. You got to be well-informed so that you could negotiate the best terms.

If accommodation is not a part of your package and you need to get it on your own, it might be a good idea to rent an apartment for a month or two and to search for your new home once you get there. You should never rent an apartment or a house for a year or more before getting to the spot and seeing it.

The list of your requirements can be very brief or quite long, mostly depending on your budget. It could be anything from a number of rooms to the home décor or eco windows and door. Just make sure to find something you’ll be happy with in the long run.

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  • Create your moving checklist

International moving tips are all about making it easier for you to move abroad. So here’s another one: write it all down.When you put it all on paper (or on your laptop, phone or app) you clear your mind as well. And you need a clear path of how to get to your goal, which is moving to a new location in this case. So write down all the tasks that need to be done and then just use your moving checklist to deal with all the things down the road. Whenever you make a plan ahead of times, the journey gets much easier. Moving is no exception at all. Start preparing early for moving your home to make sure you avoid additional stress down the road.

  • Look for the best moving options

Finding a reliable moving company can be quite a challenge, particularly when moving abroad. You want someone who will make things easier and not add more stress to your life, so you need to choose carefully. How to do so? Ask your family and friends for recommendations and search online. Google a particular companyand check their reviews then check their social media.Talk to them and ask for the estimate. Finally, have it all written down and never sign a blank contract.

If you’re thinking of taking some of your stuff with you when flying, check out the prices first. Often times it’s cheaper to ship your belongings than to pay extra baggage fees.

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  • Leave most of your belongings behind

Even if you planned to take a lot of stuff with you, you’ll most likely change your mind once you learn about the charges. International moving can be quite pricey and the more stuff you take to your new location, the more expensive it gets. So what to do about it?

Just leave behind as many things as possible. Do you really need all that stuff? When you think of it, you could live without most of your possessions with no problem at all. So instead of paying a fortune to transport all those things, you don’t actually need, consider selling, donating, passing some of the stuff on to friends and family members or tossing out. If a friend or a family member has some spare space, you might be even able to store some items over there, so that you could pick them up once you move back (if you plan to move back, that is).

Consider the weather at your future location one more time. What kind of wardrobe will you need over there? Summer clothes or winter gear? Will you need both almost equally? Think about this before you pack your bags and boxes.

Finally, think about hiring professional packers as well. Reliable moving and packing assistance is always helpful and stress-relieving.

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  • Don’t rush with your first visit back home

If you go and read what expats have to say, you’ll find out that this is not a trivialmatter for many of them. There are people saying they went back home for their first visit way too soon.How could it be too soon? Well, thesepeople claimed they needed more time to adapt to their new environment when they got back. They had been missing a lot of things from home at the very beginning and couldn’t get used to the new location so fast. So when they went for a visit back home too early, it made things even harder for them when they got back to their new home.

The international moving tips they had for people who just moved abroad were plenty, but one was crucial: allow yourself enough time to get used to the new place. You’ll have a great time afterward!