How to Shop for a Chest of Drawers

Storage is a very important requirement for every home. You need your home to be organised and clutter-free and having  pieces of furniture that will not only look good when added to the settingbut will also allow you to store away stuff that you do not need is very practical. If you are looking for the right piece of furniture that can fit this purpose, you will want to consider getting a chest of drawers.

This quality antique furniture is made of several drawers that are stacked together. They can be used to store accessories, clothing, as well as other personal care items. Instead of being hung in a closet, clothes are folded when stored inside these drawers. While it is true that the bed is looked as the topmost furniture piece inside your bedroom, second in importance is a chest of drawers. Also called a dresser, it is useful for holding items for organisation, storage, ease of access, as well as keeping everything clean.

While this piece is mainly used for the bedroom, many people also choose to use it in other areas of the house. This includes the family room, dining room, playroom for the kids, bathroom, hallway, entryway, garage, as well as the closet. These are pieces that can be purchased from flea markets, furniture stores, department stores, as well as on online merchants.

Selecting a piece can be heavily influenced by a buyer’s aesthetic preferences. There are people who prefer to match their choice with the wood, style, hardware, as well as finish to the other furniture in the room where the piece is going to be placed. There are buyers that may want to choose something which style is in contrast with the rest of the pieces inside a room to get an interesting, unique look.

Dressers that are classic or traditional tend to appear more formal in both styling and appearance. They are often madeof dark woods such as mahogany and oak. They also have carvings as well as ornate legs and in some cases, veneers. They can also have floral details and other intricate, rich details.

Modern or contemporary dressers tend to be trendy. They are usually free of details, frills, carvings, paintings, or ornamentation. The design tends to be geometric and clean and most of the time, woods that are light or medium toned are used. They can come as solid pieces or they can also come packed for assembly.

Home settings that are more on the classic side will benefit from the presence of dressers that are classically or traditionally styled. The intricate details and the rich styling will further complement the atmosphere. For homes that are leaned more towards contemporary design, then modern styled chests of drawers would be the more appropriate option.

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