How to Have a Garden that Looks Great All Year Round

You will need to take some time to plan your garden activities if you are going to have a garden that looks good all year round. Some of the key things to pay attention to will include taking control of the garden, putting in the structure and then filling up the garden with the best flowering plants. There is always a low and high season for gardening and it can be difficult to maintain it certain times of the year.

The following are some of the ways people can get a better garden all year round;

Start with the Preparation

For your garden to remain productive and colorful all year round, there are several preparation activities that you simply cannot escape. The first is clearing the garden. Here, you need to decide what can be dug up and what should stay. The next step is putting in some structure that will help maintain order in your garden. These include box or yew around the garden that will hold everything else in place.

Next, you need to decide which seasons you will be planting. This will totally depend on your own schedule and you can completely ignore a season if you need to. Late summer or early autumn is the best time to start planting. In high summer gardens can often take care of themselves. In the winter, you may want to invest is some winter-flowering plants.

Spring and Summer Bulbs

In the early spring months, you may want to focus on snowdrops and crocuses as they are the most colorful this time of year. By early summer, consider buying tulips and alliums. When buying, always buy in bulk to provide a good display. They are also very easy to plant, just throw them on the ground and allow them to grow where they fall.

Late summer and autumn

In July, you can expect Echinacea, asters, verbena bonariensis and Japanese anemones to begin coming through. These will remain string until the first frost begins to appear. These two will look better when planted in bulk. So, buy in quantities of fives and sevens. When you plant, spread them out in the garden, weaving them between the perennials and the bulbs to create a tapestry effect that will further add to the appeal of the growing blooms.

Winter Flowering shrubs

Your garden can remain spectacular even in winter. At this time of the year, you may place Christmas box and wintersweet on a location on the garden where they can be seen and heir scent appreciated.

Whatever flowers you choose to grow, determine the kind of care activities for each to keep them growing through the season. Different flowers require different forms of care and knowing what to do to maintain the health and structure of the soil will help your flowers appear healthy and more appealing. This is why it is so important to leave the soil bare sometimes to give it time to rejuvenate.