Has Your Garage Door Fallen Off the Tracks? 

What You Need to Know About Garage Door Repair in Jacksonville, FL  

There are a number of reasons why you may find yourself in need of garage door repair Jacksonville FL. You may have a broken garage door spring, a malfunctioning opener, a sticking door, a noisy door or your door may have come off the tracks. When your door comes off the tracks, you may find yourself with many questions. Here is what you need to know about a garage door coming off the tracks and the repair process.

Why Does a Garage Door Fall Off the Tracks?

Your garage door slides up and down the tracks hundreds of times as it opens and shuts. However, when you go to open or shut the door, you may notice that it jumps the tracks or falls off instead of seamlessly gliding as it has all those other times. The most common reason why a garage door has jumped or fallen off of the tracks is due to a dent or ding in the tracks. If a rock or ball hits the tracks, a dent or ding can occur. The dent raises the track, which can cause the door to jump the track. Another reason the door may jump the track is simply because the track has shifted due to vibration. If the track is no longer even with the door and wheels, the door may fall off the track.

Why Should You Call a Professional In if the Door is Off the Tracks?

If your garage door has jumped or fallen off the tracks, professional garage door repair Jacksonville FL is needed. When your door is not on the tracks, the tracks are no longer supporting the weight of the door. This can cause the door to come crashing or tumbling down. Not only can this damage the door, but it can cause you substantial injuries. As such, it is best to leave this task to a professional to ensure your safety.

Can You Prevent the Door From Coming Off the Tracks in the Future?

It is recommended that you have professional garage door maintenance done at least once a year. When maintained is done, the wheels are oiled, the track is cleaned and inspected and the bolts and screws holding the track in place are tightened. All of this can help to ensure your door and track system are secure and prevent it from falling off the tracks.

If your garage door has come off the tracks, you need professional garage door repair Jacksonville FL. A1A Overhead Doors Company can assist you with all of your garage door repair and maintenance needs in the greater Jacksonville, FL area. Call us today to schedule an appointment or to obtain a free estimate.