Fitting Your Kids In One Room

Having to share a room with your siblings is something most of us have gone through at some point in our lives. If you have more than one child, at some point your children may have to share too. Whether it is due to an unexpected baby, twins maybe? Or because there is some kind of renovation work being done on your property. Or, simply because you have moved into another home and there is no longer enough bedrooms for them to be separated. Whatever the reason, at some point children, may have to share, whether they like it or not. Anyway, we have some ideas below to help you fit all those kids into one room.

Bunk beds

There are some awesome bunk beds on the market these days. And let’s face it, if they have to share, bunk beds are a great option. Not only do they make better use of the space you have, but the kids will enjoy sleeping on that higher bunk. Some families have the bunk beds fitted into the wall, where they create a wooden, cavelike exterior and add a curtain for that extra privacy. They can be stacked three high. In some cases, you could almost create an extra room up there. However, if nothing else, ordinary bunk beds can offer that much-needed space, and the kids do not need to share a bed.

Pull out beds

Another great way to save space is to have an extra bed beneath the ordinary bed, which pulls out like a drawer. The bed beneath is barely noticeable when it is tucked away. You can get thin mattresses which are just as comfortable as ordinary mattresses, so you will not have problems fitting them into the drawer. In some rooms, they have installed a double pull out. So, the beds are tiered, two pull-outs which slide across the room, and the main bed too. This could be a great option if you have low ceilings and a wideish space in the kid’s room.


If you are having an extension built and the kids are going to have to share for a period of time, think about having your things kept safe at Self Storage in Southwark. While the work is being done, you will not have to worry about your, or your children’s things getting in the way, or getting damaged. Also, if you have had that unexpected arrival, keeping all the surplus stuff you can’t part within self storage will give you and the children so much more space for living. 


Depending on the shape of the room, it is a great idea to add mini partitions. This could be in the form of a bookcase between the beds or just simply a wooden divider. All it needs is to do is cover the head of the beds. This gives the impression, while the kids are in bed, of being in separate rooms. This is a good option for long thin rooms where the beds need to line up top to bottom. However, even in more traditional shaped rooms, you can add thin wooden dividers, if the kids want more privacy.