Factors to Consider While Deciding Between Refinishing or Re-facing

Both re-facing and refinishing are inexpensive options than replacing kitchen cabinets. Re-facing cabinets give many advantages, but in several cases refinishing is a good and economical alternative.

Re-facing versus refinishing

Re-facing kitchen cabinets means changing the visible front surface. Alternatively, cabinet refurbishing means all the existent cabinetry components are kept, but changes are made in the finish or color. A new stain or pain is applied after sanding or stripping existing wood finish.

Factors to help you decide refinishing or re-facing

The decision between refinishing and re-facing is difficult for some home owner. Refinishing is a viable and cheap option for people tight on budget and desire changes in kitchen style. If the cabinets are made from thermo-foil or laminate then forget refinishing because these materials cannot be stripped or sanded and paint hardly sticks on them.

Wooden cabinets can be refaced or refinished. If you like your existing cabinet’s solid wood doors then consider changing the look. You can go from stained to dark strained or solid colored wood. However, you cannot go from solid color to stain.

Cabinet makers don’t purchase expensive high grade stained wood but just cover the surface with opaque color. MDF is used in crafting white cabinets, which cannot be stained to attain a wooden look, since it is not authentic wood.

Even solid colored cabinets designed from real wood are likely to be paint grade. Even if you strip the doors to bare wood, it will not appear good with stain.

Cabinets made from oak also fall under poor refinishing category. If solid color is used to refinish strain shows directly through the paint.

If the existing cabinet finish displays splitting then avoid refinishing and go for re-facing. Cost of refinishing is 2/3rd of re-facing cost. Re-facing cost is 70% to 80% of installing replacement kitchen cabinets.

Hire professionals

Lacquer is the best finish option for kitchen cabinets. Call America west kitchen cabinet refinishing services for the job. The professional crew will come and spray finish kitchen cabinets. The task takes four to five days for completion.

Therefore, plan an outdoor trip like shopping, picnic or short vacation because the solvent borne lacquer releases volatile fumes, when applied and can reside in the air for a couple of days.