DIY Infographic: Common DIY Injuries

With the summer weather long gone and the gardening are set aside for another year, many home owners start to look at internal home improvements. Sadly, DIY accidents continue to happen from home owners attempting DIY projects on their own. And while we can’t cover them all, the following infographic from the team at Westfarm Windows, shows some of the most popular DIY accidents and suggestions on how to prevent them.

DIY injuries are commonplace among your average home owners and while some are inevitable, there are plenty of precautions you can take to reduce the risk of accident. Did you know that a growing number of DIY associated injuries are a result from consuming alcohol before tackling a DIY task? If you want to have a beer, make sure you reward yourself with one after the DIY project is complete.

Avoiding DIY accidents can be as simple as wearing the right clothing, wearing protective safety glasses and making sure all equipment is secure and in good working order. Have a look at the infographic below for more reliable advice on avoiding DIY accidents.