De-Icing Roads for Safety during the winter

During the winter season, the roads and sidewalks can be very slippery. As a driver, you have to be extra careful. Often, local authorities use salt to melt the ice formed on roads. These are, either, brown or white de-icing salt also known as rock salt.

Both brown and white rock salt is equally good for de-icing roads. Brown salt derives from ancient seams formed from dried up ancient sea beds while the white rock salt is obtained from evaporated sea water. While both products are equally good at de-icing, the benefits of using one or the other include;

  • Brown rock salt: It’s usually drier than white rock salt; hence it spreads and flows more easily. It also has a smaller carbon footprint.
  • White rock salt: It’s aesthetically more pleasing. Unlike brown rock salt, it doesn’t leave any brown residue behind.

How it works

The effect on salting roads is that the salt alters the freezing point of water. A high concentration of salt in the water lowers the freezing point. For instance, water freezes at zero degrees Fahreneit, but when there is salt, the freezing temperature is lower.

Ossian Ice melt is the best rock salt offered at a wholesale premium throughout the United State. Order today and have a truckload delivered within 48 hrs. It starts working immediately melting even the thickest ice. It’s uniquely formulated to provide powerful and fast action.

Benefits of using Ossian rock salt

  • It has two powerful melting accelerators
  • It’s magnesium chloride free
  • It’s high performance and economical
  • It exceeds by 40% the melt value of calcium blend
  • It’s safe for concrete and vegetation

Ossian rock salt can be obtained for different levels of ice freeze. For temperatures reaching 0o F, – 5o F, – 10o F and -!5o F.

With the winter season around the corner, your need for rock salt can be completely satisfied. In the winter, roads and sidewalks have to be de-iced to prevent injuries, accidents and other types of disasters that can be the result of an icy road or sidewalk. Statistics show that in the United State alone, there were 477 deaths as a result of icy roads in 2010 alone.