Company Emerging on the Internet Market as Number One

Fensterguru24 is a very young company just emerging in the Home Improvement industry. They have established themselves to be one of if not the best home improvement company in the internet market. They place their orders directly from the factory, so they can meet the requirements for individual customers quickly. They manufacture PVC doors and windows for a system that is referred to as aluminum load-bearing system. Their doors and windows are made with MACO fittings of very high-quality, these are Aluplast plastic windows. They also have aluminum windows from Aluprof as well as wooden windows from their own shop. 

In other countries

This company supplies their customers with doors and windows on the German mainland as well as in Austria and Switzerland. There is a service in Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg and surrounding areas where arrangements can be made to install your new windows on request. Assemblies can also be requested and asked for in other countries. This company has qualified service and high-quality goods; as well as being very customer-service oriented.


For years this company has been very successful producing doors and windows. They opened their web shop so their customers can reach them easier. They would like to give their customers the ability to easily and quickly design the windows they want as well as doors according to their own preferences. When you are a customer you use the company’sconfigurator and can save money and time. Only a pre-measurement of the doors and windows need to be taken.


This company is very qualified in the work they do. They have expert services and advice on doors and windows. Thanks to the high-quality products and theirfirst-class service, they can look back on many customers that they satisfied and have come back. They order products that have been quality tested and come directly from the factory. They also provide secure and fast delivery.

Trusted Shop Protection

They offered the Trusted Shop buyer protection that gives you a money back guarantee, more detailed information about this system can be found on this website.