Caravaggio Lamp In The Modern Day Decorating

 Caravaggio Lamp: Minimalism And Usefulness

After long years of tradition of materialism and showcasing of extravagance. Millions of the so-called millennials now are putting aside such way of living and switches to minimalism. A kind of lifestyle that is simple, neat, and not about acquiring too many things. It has now become a way of living that even in interior design it becomes a trend. It is the newest trend a lot of the young adults follow today. And because of this tremendous aesthetic demand, and massive shift in lifestyle.  Craftsmen and designers reduce the elegance and beauty of a suspension lightning. An example is those enormous and expensive chandeliers. The market of today now prefers small yet iconic and affordable pendant lamps. And among the many emerging and favorite designs is Cecilie Manz “Caravaggio.”

What Is This Caravaggio Lamp?

Created by the Danish designer Cecilie Manz, the Caravaggio Lamp is a simple yet eye-catching pendant lamp. It was launched way back in 2005 after which it gained a lot of praise. Cecilie Manz comes from the concept of a philosophy that “design should never receive greater focus than the light itself.” For her, the function of an object must always be noticeable and must always prevail, and the design should not steal the attention from the primary purpose which is its use.

Because of that, the Caravaggio Lamp is usually in a bell-jar shape, high-gloss polish suspension lamp in three different primary colors: black, gray, and white. This single-light source lamp with a modern style is made up of a metallic shade with soft lines and is which is a contrast with masculine expression. It has a textile cable that is perfect for the lamp’s other features.

The Caravaggio Lamp is among the hundreds of zone focused type of lightning which casts a downward light. Illuminating both the spot below the lamp, and above it through the hole the cable is attached.

Caravaggio Lamp for Your Personal Space

Caravaggio is a one-spot focus kind of lightning which will best suit your need when it comes to lighting. This type of lamp is preferable on your dining area which will help you see the food you are eating since the light casts itself downwards. You can use one up to three pendant lamps, depends on what style you want and how much light you need. Caravaggio Pendant Lamp is also best for one’s study room and living room.

Caravaggio Lamp for Commercial Space

The Caravaggio Pendant Lamp isn’t only for home use, but it is also perfect for businesses and workspaces. If you are a restaurant or a coffee shop owner, this pendant lamp is best for your commercial space. Its lightning will help you create a cozy ambiance inside your restaurant or coffee shop while giving it a minimalist look. And it will surely not disappoint you for its usefulness. Aside from that, you can also hang it inside your company’s conference room. Or, if you are an artist looking for something to blend into your minimalist studio type room, then the Caravaggio Pendant Lamp is also for you.