Bed Bugs 101: Everything You Need to Know

Bed bugs have been making headlines lately. These pests are quite a nuisance, and once they get into a place, they can easily spread. People can even bring them home from hotels when they return from traveling. 

You may have heard about bed bugs and know that they’re a problem, but you may not know much beyond that. Here’s everything you need to know about these bugs and how you can deal with them if you get them in your home:

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small pests that look similar to many other bugs you may have seen. However, they are wider and flatter than most. The way they are commonly described is like apple seeds. They have a rust color, though young bed bugs can be translucent.

Bed bugs are parasitic, and they feed on human blood. They can cause skin to become itchy and inflamed, and some people can have an allergic reaction to them. However, they are not known to spread disease. Still, they pose other health risks and they should be taken seriously.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs? 

A lot of companies sell products that claim to get rid of bed bugs. The problem is that they are not the right strength, or they cannot adequately reach bed bugs where they are. The bugs may just move to another location and avoid your pest control measures.

The only way to effectively get rid of bed bugs is to hire a trusted pest control company, such as Moxie Pest Control Services. You should look up reviews and information about the company to be sure you are dealing with an experienced company that is known in the community for getting results. Too many people can make big promises but fail to deliver after they take your money. Then you’re out the money and are still dealing with a major pest problem. Do your research and hire a company that is well-known. It also doesn’t hurt to hire a company that offers a guarantee.

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Bed bugs live on mattresses, as well as in furniture. They also love to hide out in clutter, such as what you would find in a closet or an attic. Bed bugs can live in your home, in office waiting spaces, in hotel rooms, and even on upholstered cubicle walls. They can easily hitch a ride from public places to your home on your briefcase, in your suitcase, or even on your clothes. 

You can check for bed bugs yourself, though they can be hard to find. They would typically gather around seams on furniture and mattresses, though they will hide when they see light. You can protect yourself by checking your clothing and personal belongings before you go home after traveling. Of course, you can also protect yourself by staying at highly rated hotels. 

Why Are Bed Bugs a Problem? 

Bed bugs may not spread disease, but they can cause a number of other health issues. Some people can be allergic to bed bugs, and they can have a severe reaction to them. In some cases, the allergic reaction can even be life-threatening. You may not know that you have a serious reaction to bed bugs until you get an infestation. Bed bugs can also cause skin to become irritated and inflamed, which can cause sores and lead to infection.

The other thing that makes bed bugs so problematic is that they are so hard to get rid of once they get into your home. They can spread quickly, and it can seem impossible to eliminate them. 

Take bed bugs seriously. Vet a hotel thoroughly before you book a room. Always check your luggage and other items when you come home. Check your own bed regularly. If you aren’t sure how to check, hire a pest control company to do an inspection for you. The company can also give you advice on how to further protect your home from an infestation, such as lifestyle habits you can make or special protective casings you can use on your bed or pillowcases. You’ll be glad you took the advice and saved yourself a lot of trouble later.