All About the NSS Champ Floor Scrubber

NSS makes a variety of floor scrubbers suited to different businesses. These products are durable and well made, easy to use, and provide a superior  performance. The scrubbers are designed for industrial and commercial use. It features oversized recovery and storage tanks. This means that you spend less time filling the tanks and emptying the scrubbers when using. Their powerful vacuum motor picks up water  quickly leaving no residue to worry about. The batteries can be recharged by plugging into the wall so it is always ready for service.

The NSS Champ Floor Scrubber is a  ride on automatic scrubber that comes in 29, 33, and 39 inch widths. It is easy to maneuver going 90 degrees in both directions. These scrubbers have plenty of power to get up most loading ramps. It has more wet vacuuming power that competitors and just plugs in for easy battery charging. Operators can monitor all the machines control’s from the easy to use LCD screen. The steering column adjusts easily into five different positions. Its thick steering wheel reduces fatigue for the driver. The scrubber can turn easily in 6 ft. wide aisles.

Longer rides are more comfortable for drivers with the ride on scrubber. The anti-roller bar in the front prevent rollovers on very tight and fast turns. It never produces  streaking on the floors with the overlapping twin brushes. The electronic control system has a number of features, pad pressure, solution control, battery levels, and run time. The Champ 2929 is 29 inches and delivers about 30% more scrubbing time than 24V model. It has a 36V electrical system. The wheels steer 90 degrees in both directions making it easy to steer. This model  has more wet vacuuming power due to the increased power. It is a big machine in a smaller package.

The Champ 2929 is recommended for contractors and is smaller and easier to handle. They ship their products and track them so contractors will get them at the location they need. NSS knows that a late delivery  an hour or day late does not impress a new customer. For industrial companies many businesses  the Champ 3529.  The Champ 3529 cleans large areas and is easy to steer and does not leave streaks. It can easily be recharged between uses making it economical and convenient to use.

Commercial industries do well with the Champ 2929 because it can be used again and again and does not wear out easily. It can clean floors  making them look like new. Champ 2929 is a great scrubber for retail stores large and small making the floors shine and looks like new. Every day you need to keep those floors looking new and it is easily recharged. The NSS Champ floor scrubber is designed to make your floors look new and is easy to repair.