AC Repair Services in Tampa

Restore your comfort with our high-quality AC repair services in Tampa that has been perfected over decades. We pride ourselves in exclusive services that are only provided by highly trained and experienced technicians.

We have earned trust, and even better, a reputable household name from our clients in regards to the unmatched services that we provide. We are driven by the passion to restore utmost comfort to all the residents of Tampa. If you are looking for services that you can count on, then look no further. Our services are long lasting, dependable, and efficient. Besides, our service charges are highly competitive.

Exclusive AC repair services that we provide in Tampa

When you need that cool air the most, count on us to sustain the breeze for the longest time you can ever imagine. We are licensed to provide the following AC repair services in Tampa.

  • AC repair services.
  • Installation of high-quality AC.
  • Home and office AC installation as well as repair.
  • Routine inspection of ACs in industrial, home, or office premises.
  • Provide consultancy services in regards to what suits your premise with an optimized budget for the value of your money.
  • AC piping services.

All our services are undertaken with utmost professionalism and care. We are also conversant with the safety regulations that govern the industry, so rest assured that cooling needs are fully taken care of by us.

You will save yourself some cash as well as get an optimum cooling effect from your AC as you learn how to identify a faulty AC. There are some obvious signs that can point out a possible malfunction of your AC.

For instance, if you find out that the reading on the thermostat doesn’t reflect the actual temperature in your house, the chances are that your AC is running below optimum. Secondly, an AC that runs continuously could be another pointer of malfunction as most ACs are designed to run intermittently. Finally, if you detect strange noises coming from your AC, chances are it has some defects.

Tips on how to do minor checks and cleaning on your AC

Getting the value for your money is our highest priority. Once your AC has been installed, learning how to maintain it will not only help you save your money on energy-related expenses but also prolong the lifespan of your AC. Here are four important tips on how to maintain your AC.

  • Check on air conditioning filters- Ensure that filters are always clean. Clogged as well as dirty filters significantly reduce the efficiency of AC.
  • Check evaporation coils- over time the coils collect dirt thus creating a layer of dirt. Wipe your coils clean.
  • Coil fins – Use a fin comb to straighten the aluminum fins that are easily bent.
  • Condensate drains – occasionally pass a wire through drain channels to remove dirt.

If you have untaken routine servicing and still your find that your AC is not working at an optimum level, then you can contact us. Our highly trained technicians will then perform the following and other maintenance and repair services.

  • Test for coolants and refrigerants leaks.
  • Check accuracy of the thermostat.
  • Verify the correct electric control sequence.
  • Check belts, and oil motors wear as well as tightness.