6 Reasons To Consider Career In The Gas And Oil Sector

Most people think that oil and gas industry will start to decline due to oil shortages that appeared and will appear. However, you don’t have to worry, because in our times there will still be oil left so that you can get a lot from it.

It doesn’t matter if you want to choose to work as a manual laborist on an offshore oil rig, or you want to study geology with the idea to become a responsible person, the career in the oil industry is still profitable and prosperous.

For example, you will sleep in luxurious offshore oilrig living quarters, which is a way better solution than opting for construction industry career.

We decided to present you reasons to consider a career in the gas and oil sector:

  1. You Will Have Constant Work

The first and main reason why you should start your career in the oil sector is that you will have numerous opportunities to work both in the country and abroad.

Even though some experts state that oil shortages will increase over the year, simultaneously the demand for oil increases, which means that the industry will work to its fullest until the very end.

In the world of gas and oil, the idea is to create sustainable energy by tapping into the world’s resources.

The technology is improving and advancing, which means that new ways of drilling and exploiting will become the primary way. Even if oil runs out a decade from now, you will still be able to transfer your skills to other resources and industry sectors.

  1. Wide Array Of Opportunities

Most people think of gas and oil sector as robust and heavy machinery, but the work environment is great,and you will be able to enjoy all the way. This is especially true if you have a degree because you will start working in an office with numerous variations.

You can work in offices, labs, or choose environment you prefer the most, which is quite a versatile opportunity when compared with other job prospects and industries.

  1. You’ll Work Half of The Year and Rest During The Other Half

You should have in mind that this particular offer and job feature doesn’t apply to all gas and oil sectors. If you work in an office, in most cases you will have the same office hours as everyone (9-5, Monday-Friday).

On the other hand, if you decide to go to an offshore oil rig, you will work for long hours (12 hours approximately) and rest afterward.

In most cases, work can last from two to six weeks, with the same period in rest after you get out of the rig. Therefore, by our calculation, you will work half a year, and other half is here for enjoyment and rest.

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  1. Great Salary When Compared With Other Industries

It is important to notice that most professional workers in oil and gas industries have more than $50K on an annual basis.

 Of course, the salary depends on your level of education and professionalism, but even manual workers can earn more than $30K without any additional problem.

The great thing about this particular industry is that you will be able to climb the ladder in this sector, which means that you will be able to reach salary more than $200K for professional drilling consultations.

  1. Technology Will Simplify Work

As we all know, technology is advancing every single second,and we have to look around us to see the way technology entered and became a vital part of our lives. The same thing goes for oil and gas industry because they try to keep machinery and technology up to date with the idea to get the best results possible.

Therefore, you will constantly learn new technologies and ways how to use them in all possible ways. The oil sector is great because you will develop and increase your knowledge which will allow you to increase your working specter in the future.

  1. You’ll Travel The World

The most demanding resource is oil, which means that you will have the opportunity to work abroad without any additional problem. As soon as you finish all preparations and get enough experience, you will have the world on the palm of your hand.