6 Important Factors You Must Consider When Choosing an Office Cleaner in Islington & London

Hiring a professional office cleaner in Islington or London is indeed a step in the right direction. Aside from the time and money saved and the hassles avoided, professional cleaning agencies have the right tools for effective cleaning.

While there are many benefits of hiring professional cleaners, you have to be careful to ensure you engage the right one.  So, how do you know the best cleaners to choose from?

Not to worry, here are six factors to guide you.

  • Location

Although it may seem obvious, you’d be surprised at the sheer number of those who do it. You should hire a cleaning team located where your office is. Getting cleaners close to your location ensures that they can provide quick and excellent services.

  • Experience and Training

Focusing on the years of experience of a company in the cleaning industry is critical. However, ask if they have experience cleaning in London or Islington. You should also ask if the cleaning team receives regular training.  Also, ask to see their certifications.

  • Insurance

You should never hire a “professional” cleaning agency whose workers aren’t insured. Ensure that the company insures every single member of the team who will clean your property. Otherwise, you might subject yourself to avoidable lawsuits.

  • Reputation

A cleaning company with a good reputation lets you know that your office is in good hands. You can ask them for one or two references you can question. Also, you can check feedbacks from previous customers. Go to independent review sites and the company’s social media pages to see if they have good ratings.

  • Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

Some supplies can be damaging to health and furniture. Therefore, ask the kind of equipment and supplies they use. You should also ask about the quality of the products they use. The products should also be environment-friendly.

  • Cleaning Schedule

The cleaning agency you intend hiring should have customisable plans that fit into your schedule. Also, ensure they have a cleaning programme that is suitable for your facility. They should also be able to create a cleaning schedule for effective monitoring.

Choosing an excellent cleaner in London or Islington is something you should take seriously. You would want a cleaning agency you can trust to provide top-notch services.

With a cleaning agency like St. Anne’s, you can rest assured that you’ve got the best cleaner in London and Islington. Have a cleaning project that requires professionals? Contact us for more discussion.