6 Design Tips to Keep in Mind with Tiling your Bathroom or Kitchen

Tiles have their own personality, depending on the type of materials they are made from and their look. However, achieving a pleasing result in any bathroom or kitchen installation can only be possible by keeping in mind some design rules. If you are looking to have a kitchen or bathroom remodel, keep the following in mind when dealing with tiles:

Choose Smaller Tiles

Unless your bathroom is extremely huge, keep the tiles in your bathroom four inches square or smaller. Bigger tiles are not easy to fit around bathroom obstacles like the water pipes, toilet, cabinets, and others. As bathrooms are usually small spaces, big tiles can look out of scale.

Your Furnishings Don’t Have to Match your Tiles

Keep in mind that furnishings, fabrics, and wall colors are temporary. The color of your tile is permanent so avoid designing a tile installation to match with temporary furnishings.

Take Advantage of the Design Potential of Grout

While you may think that grout is just some sort of addition to complete your tiling project, it can actually become nearly as essential as the tile itself in terms of design. You can space out your tile to emphasize the color of your grout.  There are many other things you can do with the grout to add to the success of your tiling design.

Remember that Tiles are Not 100% Waterproof

Although tiles have been used in wet applications, water can still penetrate into the porous seams made by the grout. Once the tile is installed, apply grout sealer to the grout. You might have to do this application on a periodic basis to keep the seams waterproof. Also, a number of tiles like quarry, marbles, granite, and wood imitation tiles from Carreaux Metro are porous and must be sealed and polished regularly.

Decide whether or Not to Tile the Countertop

While tiled countertops are appealing, the seams between the tiles can be something you won’t like. This is because you may find the grout lines hard to clean. Maintaining a tiled countertop can be difficult.

Ensure Layout Symmetry

For instance, if you are installing tiles around your kitchen sink, ensure the tiles that border the sink have the same size. You don’t want to have full-sized tiles on one size and half-sized tiles on the other. In terms of your bathroom wall, the opposite-end wall tiles should have the same size.