5 Ways to Spot Termites Before They Ruin the Structure of Your House

For most people there home is their most valuable asset. That’s why you can never be too carful when it comes to things that but its value and your family’s safety in danger. Termites might be tiny but they are certainly destructive. If you are thinking of purchasing a new home it is probably best to get a “pre purchase home inspection” from an expert. But if you suspect you little piece of the suburban dream has already been infected with these nasty pests here are 5 quick tips to help you spot them before it’s too late.

  1. Flying Ants

Are a sign there is a terminate nest nearby. It may not be in your house but if you start seeing flying ants around your property, or their wings on ground around your home it is probably best to get a Pest Inspector in.

  1. Terminate Noise

As strange as it sounds terminates don’t eat quietly. If your suspicions that that these damaging pests have invaded a wall simply turn of the TV, place your ear against the wall and listen.

  1. Warped timber

The Terminate army’s that eat straight through wood produce a lot of moisture as they do so. If you starting to find windows won’t easily open of door frames have begun to tight for the doors it could be due to all the excess moisture in the frame of the house.

  1. Check Your Yard

Terminates have obviously come in from outside. If you think they have gotten into your roof or walls but can’t locate the nest start by searching your backyard. Turn over any old piles of timer, tree cutting and fire wood you might have lying around. Chances are if there in your house they are in your yard.

  1. Frass (AKA) Terminate Droppings

This is one of the key indicators use by professionals to determine if a house has terminates. Check the corners and crevices inside and outside your house. Shift a few pieces of furniture, the outside setting or the fridge in your granny flat. If you see a tiny pile of black balls or black smudged discoloration on the walls or skirting balls then you know you have unwanted company.

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