5 Signs That Your AC Needs Repair

With regular maintenance, an air conditioner can perform optimally thus reducing the chances of emergency repair. However, if your unit is not working as best as it should, it may be time to have it checked by a Houston AC repair professional. The following are the red-flags you should be looking out for:-

Temperature inconsistency

Your air conditioning unit should is supposed to regulate indoor air temperatures consistently. Should you find that certain spaces of your room become cold zones while others seem to be unaffected by the unit, consider calling in a technician. A malfunctioning thermostat usually causes this as it is the unit’s main operational unit.

Strange sound or odor

An unusually loud unit could imply that the unit’s fan is not working as it should, or that there is a loose part. Squealing, grafting, banging, or screeching sounds are also characteristic of a unit that is on its way out. Strange sound and odor emission may also result from the unit becoming clogged with dirt. A Houston AC repair technician is best placed to diagnose and repair such a system.

High energy bills
A perfectly working air conditioner may trick you into skipping tune-up session. Such tune-ups are essential for the unit’s performance and may cause inflated energy bills if skipped. Should your energy bill appear higher than usual, the best place to start your energy audit is by evaluating your unit’s performance.

A leak on your unit could indicate that either your refrigerant is leaking or that there is a clogged or broken drain pipe inside the unit. The refrigerant poses serious health hazards to the home’s occupants and pets and should be handled as soon as possible. Water pools around the unit are proof of a broken or blocked drain pipe. While this is as serious as the leaking of the refrigerant, ignoring it could result in mold growth. Either way, taking immediate action could not only prevent bigger issues but also costly repairs.

Inability to produce cool air
There are times when the unit produces warm or even hot air. This usually indicates that either the compressor is not functioning properly or that level of coolant is too low. These are issues that only a professional can fix. In serious cases, you might need to replace the unit altogether.

It is recommended that you get your air conditioning unit cleaned and checked by a professional every year. Having a Houston AC repair professional will boost your unit’s performance as well as save you money in the end.

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