4 Ideas for Cost-Effective Kitchen Renovations

When renovating parts of your home, you might want to put a particular focus on your kitchen. Remember, it is where you prepare sumptuous dishes for your family. Not sure how you can improve yours? There is nothing better than taking inspiration from a professional chef such as Gordon Ramsay. Here are some ideas you might get from his beautiful kitchen:

Add More Storage Space

Upon entering a kitchen, you can surely spot cluttered fixtures and appliances such as stove tops, ovens, food supplies and more. Variety of pans, utensils and other accessions are also present in any cooking area, even if it is not a professional or commercial set-up.

Because of the variety of items that completes a cooking area, you need to make sure that you add a lot of storage spaces. Looking around Gordon’s kitchen, you will spot numerous cabinets, drawers and shelves. A pantry is also a good option for storing various products from cooking ingredients to cleaning and sanitation essentials.

Lots of Counter Tops

Aside from storages, you also want to make sure that your cooking area has lots of surfaces for food preparation. What Gordon did with his area is place an island counter where he can chop vegetables, cut bread and other food preparation processes. Notice that he also has counter-tops on the sides, making more space for his equipment and cooking accessories.

Brighten Up the Place

One thing that you immediately notice in the kitchen is its bright ambience. Overhead, there are artificial lighting to illuminate the room. Sufficient lighting is an important factor in any cooking area as it allows you to move freely without worrying about accidentally knocking something over just because you didn’t notice it.

To help create an energy efficient homes and achieve a brighter ambience for your kitchen area, you might want to consider painting your walls in light colours. Gordon’s cooking area is made brighter by its white walls. His counters also have light tones and are very reflective. By incorporating this design element, you can enjoy better visibility, whilst also making the place look fresher and cleaner.

Replace the Flooring

If you turn around and look at his dining area, you will see that he has hardwood flooring. Take a look at your floors. Are your vinyl floors cracked and worn down? Strip it off by hiring a professional vinyl removal specialist on the Gold Coast. Keep in mind that the kind of flooring material plays a huge role in making your kitchen a more productive place. You would not want your floors to be slick, causing you to lose balance whilst holding plates full of freshly cooked food. Pick a material that suits your aesthetic, whilst also making your area a safer place to move in.

Take a page out of a professional chef’s book and get inspiration from none other than Gordon Ramsay. Who knows, you might someday reach this level of success and you can start by making your kitchen a more productive and efficient space.

Author: Carrie Sze