10 Must Do’s to Beat Basement Blues

The following are 10 things you must do in order to achieve a wonderful result with your basement renovation.

1: Get a code in your head

Ensure that you adhere to the necessary statutory obligations especially your local building codes. Failure to adhere might result in you being slammed with a heavy fine. Therefore before going ahead with your basement remodel work ensure that you get the important “all clear” signal from the relevant authorities.

2: Keep it dry

The is nothing beautiful about a basement that leaks water. You don’t want to be checking the weather channel frequently just because you are scared of the damage that a heavy downpour will do to your basement. To avoid this disaster, you have to ensure that you take necessary steps to check for clogged downspouts which could result to overflow of eaves and when this happens you will notice a pool around your foundation.

3: Raise the floor

Raising your floor and installation of a vapour barrier during basement renovation is one sure way of ensuring that the floor is kept warm, dry, and comfortable especially for family and visitors that love walking around on barefoot.

4: Use Suspended Ceiling Tiles.

In order to achieve a beautiful basement make use of the suspended ceiling tiles, it’s far more alluring than having a drywall. The suspended tiles also come in handy because it can be easily pulled out whenever there is need arise to do plumbing or electrical works via the walls.

5: Avoid the vapours

Consider vapours as plagues that should be avoided by all means. Therefore this is why you have to make the installation of a vapour barrier an integrate part of your basement renovation.

6: Keep it warm with Baseboard heating.

Due to the location and nature of basements, they are arguably the coolest part of the entire house. So to keep it warm and conducive you have to install a heating system like the electric baseboard heating. The good thing about the electric baseboard heaters is the fact that, it’s very easy to install and affordable too.

  1. Light up with a Recessed lighting

Normally, basement are known for their creepy low light which is due to its location. During your basement renovation, you can light up the whole place by installing a recessed lighting.

8: Shoot some studs

Instead of subjecting yourself to the cruel effect of driving nails into walls with a hammer you can choose to have studs instead by using shotguns to fire the bullets into the walls.

9: Install furs

Installing high-grade metal furring strips on your basement walls will help your basement resist the damaging effects of moisture on your basement walls.

10: Go naked

Basement renovation is often times cooler when features like furnace, utility rooms are left out of the project. Therefore leave the basement surrounding bare and rather add a thrilling feature like a bar to it.